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Female Hair Loss PRP


Contrary to popular beliefs, female hair loss is widespread throughout the U.S. as millions of women suffer from it while also trying to discover an effective form of treatment. Although female and male hair loss can have similar trends, female hair loss is more attributed to stress, autoimmune conditions, and overtreated and processed hair. Female trends in hair loss typically present as generalized thinning and/or patchy areas with sparse hair growth. In addition, decreased estrogen levels experienced during menopause or after child birth, may precipitate a woman’s hair loss.

In the past, most of the effective clinically researched hair restoration methods had been focused on male pattern hair loss.  However, new and clinically trialed hair loss treatments/solutions have centered on female hair loss. At LAK MedSpa, we provide a PRP hair loss treatment program, which is a non-surgical, clinically proven hair loss solution with essentially no associated side effects. 


PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma and has long been used as a course of treatment in sports medicine, orthopedics, and cosmetic surgeries.  PRP hair loss treatment continues to grow in popularity as more evidence has shown the effectiveness, as well as safety of this treatment modality when compared with older, less successful treatment options.  

PRP is extracted from your own blood and then injected into the affected areas of your scalp. PRP treatments are great stimulants for the growth of stem cells, which allow for the regeneration of your thinning hair. The first result is a reduction in the hair loss rate, which is then followed by a gradual growth of hair in the targeted region. Because of the chronic nature of hair loss, a series of treatments is recommended along with going through a maintenance phase.


  • Clinically proven, safe hair loss solution
  • Naturally restores healthy, authentic hair
  • Thicker, fuller, which may result in greater self-confidence

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